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Getting Ready for Work
He woke up. He got out of bed. He went to the restroom and took a shower. The water was cold at first. He made it warm. He took ten minutes to shower. He stepped out of the shower. The floor became wet. He grabbed a towel. He wrapped it all around him. He went to his bathroom mirror. He saw his reflection. He looked handsome. He had grown facial hair. It was time for him to shave it. He grabbed the shaving cream and poured some in his hand. He spread the shaving cream around his face. He grabbed the razor and started shaving. He cut himself by accident. It started bleeding. He was not hurt. He washed his face and applied aftershave. He put a band-aide on his cut. The cut stung him a little. He dried himself, and started getting ready for work.
Grabbed (v): nắm lấy
wrapped (v): bao bọc
bathroom (n): phòng tắm
restroom (n): phòng vệ sinh
mirror (n): gương để soi
reflection (n): sự phản chiếu
shaved (n): cạo râu
poured (n): đổ, rót
spead (v): cho lan ra, thoa 
razor (n): máy cạo râu
bleeding (n): sự chảy máu
band-aide (n): băng cá nhân
stung (v): rát, bị cắt


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