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Henry Ford: The Founder of Ford Motor Company
Henry Ford was a American inventer who is credited with inventing the automobile assembly line. German automaker, Karl Benz, is credited with inventing the first motor vehicle in the late 1880s, but Ford was the man who made it possible for everyday citizens to own one. Before Ford cam up with his assembly line process, cars were built on at a time by hand, which was a very costly and ineffivient method of production. Ford’s assemnly line revolutionized the way cars were built, anh his methods are still in use today.
In 1886, Benz oatented his Motorwagen, which was a four-wheel, two-passenger, self-powered motor coach that was designed to replace the horse and carriage. These vehicles were expertly crafted, but were available to only the wealthiest people of the time. Thanks to Ford, that all changed in 1906. His Ford Motor Company, the first automobile company to use assembly line techniques to build cars. Transformed the automobile from an expensive curiosuty to a prastical tool that could be used to transport people and goods easily and efficiently. His first mass-prodiced product was the Model T. It remains one of the most sold vehicles ever, and was the first to reach 15 million sales.
Ford’s impact on the 20th Century cannot be overstate. At one time it was estimated that nine out of 10 vehicles on American roads were Fords. His cars spurred the Ameriacan economy like no other single factor. The country’s roadways were built in response to the great number of vehicles Ford and subsequent America automakers produced. Additionally, Ford’s vehicles created a network of support caused a revolution in how goods were transported in the country. Henry Ford was a true American icon.

New words
inventor (n): nguời phát minh
credited (v): tin tưởng, tin rằng
assembly line : giây truyền lắp ráp
vehicles (n): phương tiện giao thông
costly (adj): tốn kém
ineffivient (adj): không có hiệu quả
revolutionized (v): một cuộc cách mạng
four-wheel (n): xe bốn bánh
two-passenger (n): xe hai chổ ngồi 
self-powered (n): nội động cơ
the horse (n): xe ngựa
carriage (n): xe kéo
expertly (adj): chuyên nghiệp
crafted (n): thủ dông
wealthiest (n): người giàu có nhất
curiosuty (dạ): tò mò 
roadways(n): đường bộ
overstate (adj): ở đây nghĩa là ảnh phóng đại
estimate (v): ước tính
reponse (v): đáp ứng
subsequent (adj): tiếp theo



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