Luyện nghe nâng cao phần 2: Lesson 20 - Playing Golf

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Luyện nghe nâng cao phần 2: Lesson 20 - Playing Golf
Bước 1: Nghe đoạn hội thoại
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Bước 2: Đọc câu hỏi và trả lời 

1.  One guy did pretty good in golf last Saturday.  What area did he not do well?
 His putting was off that day
 His approach shots were slicing
 His drives were hooking
 His chipping was terrible

2.  "Breaking single" means to shoot a score under 10.  What caused him to not break single?
 He couldn't hit the ball well all day
 His 3 putted four times
 Penalty strokes on two holes for Out of Bounds
 He was stuck in the sand trap that caused 4 additional strokes

3.  The other friend who doesn't golf as well shoots in the 90's.  How far does he hit his driver?
 250 yards
 200 yards
 175 yards
 Doesn't use the driver

4.  What are they going to work on when they go to the driving range?
 Short irons
 Long irons

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Bước 3: Xem đoạn đối thoại 
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A: "How did you golf on Saturday?"
B: "I did pretty good. I shot a 13."
A: "Not too bad. I thought you were going to break single."
B: "I had a chance. I shot a 4 on the front nine, but the back nine killed me."
A: "What happened?"
B: "My drive was totally off. All of the sudden, I started hooking the ball. I hit two balls OB, and that killed my score right there."
A: "That sucks. You could have broken single if it wasn't for the penalty strokes."
B: "Yeah. I was so frustrated after that hole. But overall, I shot well, so I'm not too disappointed. How about you? How have you been hitting lately?"
A: "I hit great on the range, but when I get on the course, I can't seem to hit the ball right."
B: "That happened to me for the longest time. It just takes time and practice. When you go out on the course more often, that problem will fix itself."
A: "I'm still trying to break 90. I've been hitting in the mid nineties for ever."
B: "How far does your driver go?"
A: "I don't use it that much. I use my 3 wood more. I'm not consistent with the driver to use it."
B: "You gotta keep practicing with it. Eventually you'll get the hang of it."
A: "Yeah. I practice with it on the range, but I'm not making any progress on it."
B: "Let's go to the range together and I'll check out your swing."
A: "That sounds good. Let's go tomorrow night."
B: "Ok. That will give us practice for our round on Wednesday."
A: "I'll meet you there at 6:30."
B: "Ok. See you tomorrow then."

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