Luyện nghe nâng cao phần 2: Lesson 21 - Poker

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Luyện nghe nâng cao phần 2: Lesson 21 - Poker
Bước 1: Nghe đoạn hội thoại
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Bước 2: Đọc câu hỏi và trả lời 

1.  What did Jack do last weekend?
 Talked on the phone with his girlfriend
 Had a drinking party with his friend Josh
 Played poker with a bunch of guys
 Went to the casino

2.  Why didn't Jack include his friend that he is talking to?
 He forgot to call him
 They already had too many people
 He knew his friend didn't have any money for gambling
 He tried calling, but he wasn't home

3.  What does Jack's friend have to do to get included into the games?
 Get more money
 Get a cell phone
 Stop being so boring
 Stop playing so much video games

4.  What happens if you lose all your chips early in the game?
 Pay more money to buy more chips
 Do a dare that makes people laugh to get more chips
 Bring more beer
 Sit out until the next game starts

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Bước 3: Xem đoạn đối thoại 
Bạn xem lại đoạn đối thoại vừa nghe và nghe lại một lần nữa

A: "Hey Jack. What did you do last weekend?"
B: "Josh had a bunch of guys over at his house and we played poker."
A: "Why didn't you guys call me?"
B: "We did. But you weren't home. If you had a cell phone, maybe you wouldn't be left out."
A: "Yeah. I need to get a cell phone. So, what games did you play?"
B: "We only play Texas Hold 'em."
A: "That's all good. What was the bid amount?"
B: "We started playing no limit. It's so much fun."
A: "That sounds awesome. Let me join you next time."
B: "No problem. Just get a cell phone so we can contact you."
A: "Aright. Who won though?"
B: "John. He always wins. He's damn good."
A: "You only played one game?"
B: "We played 2 games and he won both of them."
A: "What is the buy in?"
B: "Only 10 bucks."
A: "That sounds fun. Ten bucks isn't that much money to have fun while chilling with your friends."
B: "Exactly."
A: "But what happens if you get out in the first ten minutes?"
B: "Then you're screwed. You can watch tv or play the XBOX."
A: "Better not die soon then. So, when is the next time you guys are playing?"
B: "Probably this Friday. Give me a call Friday morning and I'll let you know the exact time."

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