Luyện nghe nâng cao phần 2: Lesson 23 - Talking about Guys

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Luyện nghe nâng cao phần 2: Lesson 23 - Talking about Guys
Bước 1: Nghe đoạn hội thoại
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Bước 2: Đọc câu hỏi và trả lời 

1.  Who does the two girls see on the dance floor?
 A friend dancing with two boys
 They see Beth's boyfriend
 A boy dancing with Beth
 None of the above

2.  What type of guy is Beth's boyfriend?
 A cheater and a liar
 Someone who is tall and handsome
 A smart and intelligent man
 A nice and sweet person

3.  What is not listed as a trait that one of the girls want in a guy?
 Good looking

4.  Why is Alex out of the question?
 He is a dork and an idiot
 He already has a girlfriend
 He is not the friendly type
 He is immature and stupid

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Bước 3: Xem đoạn đối thoại 
Bạn xem lại đoạn đối thoại vừa nghe và nghe lại một lần nữa

A: "Jane. Did you see that guy standing by the dance floor?"
B: "Yeah. He's kinda cute."
A: "Wait. Isn't that Beth's boyfriend?"
B: "I'm not sure. I haven't met him before."
A: "Look. He's dancing with another girl."
B: "Are you sure that's him?"
A: "No. It just looks like him."
B: "I heard he was a nice guy. He wouldn't be cheating on Beth."
A: "Yeah. You're right. How do you know about him if you never met him?"
B: "I hear all this stuff from Beth. She is always going off on how nice and sweet he is."
A: "I heard the same thing. What type of guy are you looking for?"
B: "Someone who is understanding, responsible, sensitive, smart, and with a lot of money."
A: "Don't we all. Get real. All those guys are probably already taken."
B: "It doesn't hurt to have expectations. What type of guy do you want to find?"
A: "All I want is someone who is going to treat me well."
B: "You know Alex don't you? He likes you. I bet he'll take good care of you."
A: "He's a dork. At least someone who is not an idiot ok?"
B: "Got it."

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