Speaking: Noun + Verb + Long Phrase

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Speaking: Noun + Verb + Long Phrase

This lesson uses "connectors" such as "when", "where", "who", "why" and "that" to build on Patterns 23, 24 and 25. This pattern allows you to add much more information when you are communicating in English.

♦ Pronunciation Practice - Luyện nói (nói thành tiếng)

Model Sentence:  She asked me when the movie would begin

1. He was sleeping when the telephone rang. 

2. They were waiting where the road curves. 
3. She was wondering why the weather was so cold. 
4. I want to know who will cook dinner tonight. 
5. This is the book that I bought yesterday.

♦ Conversation Practice - Thực hành cùng bạn bè

1. Where were you when the sun came up this morning? 
2. Have you been to a city where there is lots of rain? 
3. Why is the weather colder in winter than in summer? 
4. Do you know who the President of China is? 
5. When is the time that you study best? ("That" is not necessary! "When is the time you study best" is okay, too!)


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