Speaking: Noun + Verb + Longer Noun

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Speaking: Noun + Verb + Longer Noun

The model sentence shows a "noun phrase" with three words ("my favorite book"). Pronunciation Practice sentence 9 has a noun phrase with six words ("their work on the business deal"). Of course, there is no limit to the possible length of a noun phrase. (Let's try a looooooooooong example! "These lessons are the most useful lessons on English grammar and sentence patterns in any country on Earth or on any website now, in the past, and in the future"!)

♦ Pronunciation Practice - Luyện nói (nói thành tiếng)

Model Sentence:  This is my favorite book

1. That is my house. 

2. The women are famous lawyers. 
3. He loves to play the guitar. 
4. He enjoys steak with potatos. 
5. I hate to drive during rush hour! 
6. She's crazy about playing tennis. 
7. I love to drive down country roads! 
8. I want hot coffee with no milk or sugar. 
9. They finished their work on the business deal.

♦ Conversation Practice - Thực hành cùng bạn bè

1. What do you love to do? 
2. Are you crazy about any sport? 
3. How do you drink your tea? 
4. What kind of coffee do you like? 
5. What work have you finished recently? 
6. What kind of worker are you? 
7. What kind of worker is your father?


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