Speaking: Noun + Verb + Time or Place

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Speaking: Noun + Verb + Time or Place

The Model Sentence is quite simple - the time is just "summer". In the Pronunciation Practice section, you can see longer possible phrases such as "in the restaurant" or "later in the week". Even very long phrases can be used. For example, "We ateduring the exciting football match between Germany and Brazil that was won by Germany by a score of two to one". Most of the time, it is much simpler, though, so you can practicing the sentences below is enough!

♦ Pronunciation Practice - Luyện nói (nói thành tiếng)

Model Sentence:  Next month is summer

1. Tomorrow is Wednesday. 

2. She is coming to our house. 
3. She is coming today. 
4. We will eat later. 
5. We will eat later today. 
6. We will eat Chinese food later in the week. 
7. We will eat in the restaurant. 
8. You can visit next week. 
9. She is there. 
10. Birds are in the sky.

♦ Conversation Practice - Thực hành cùng bạn bè

1. What day is tomorrow? 
2. What day was yesterday? 
3. When will you eat next? 
4. Where will you eat dinner? 
5. What can you often see in the sky? 
6. What can you often see on a mountain?


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