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The table below gives information about the underground railway systems in six cities. writing task 1


task 1
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Sample 1

The table reveals the data in terms of opening date, kilometers of a route and the number of people using the railway systems in six famous cities.
It is clear from the table that the system of London is the oldest and longest. Overall, the systems in Paris and Tokyo provided services for more people than in the others.

In London, the underground railway network was opened in 1863 with 394 kilometers of a route, serving 775 million people per year. The two newer systems, in Paris and Tokyo, just had 199 and 155 kilometers of route respectively, but the number of passengers who traveled by both systems during a particular year was highest with 1191 and 1927 million people respectively.The two newest networks, in Kyoto, opened in 1981 and Los Angeles opened in 2001, where the two smallest, having only 45 and 50 million passengers per year respectively. The underground railway system in Washington DC was the fourth biggest system with 126 kilometers of the route and the passenger number was 144 million over the one-year period. 
Task 1 sample.


Sample 2

The table illustrates the data about the subway system in six different cities namely: Lon don, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angles. Generally, London railway system is the oldest compared with 5 cities remaining and Kyoto railway system having a short rout and having little passengers using the subway in each year. 

As can be seen from the table, London railway was established in 1863 and has the total route is 394km. Railway in Paris was started in 1900, just has 199km but the amount of passengers who chose to move by railway stood at 1991( millions) more than London railway( 775 million). By contrast, Tokyo railway system has the kilometers of the route just 155km lower than London and Paris but it has the largest number of passengers using this railway system was opened in 1927. Two cities have the short railway system are Kyoto and Los Angeles ( 11km and 28km respectively) contribute to the number of passengers is 45 million and 50 million respectively. The railway in Washington DC was started in 1976 and 126km of the route and 144 million passengers per year.

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