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Từ vựng IELTS: Chủ đề tội phạm

Tội phạm là một trong những đề tài được ra thi phổ biến trong IELTS. Hãy cùng diễn đàn học một số từ vựng mới liên quan đến chủ đề này nhé!


  • Villain  /ˈvɪl.ən/ (n): a bad person who harms other people or breaks the law (người xấu, nhân vật phản diện)

Example: He's either a hero or a villain, depending on your point of view.

  • Crook /krʊk/ (n): a very dishonest person, especially a criminal or a cheat (tội phạm)

Example: She thinks all politicians are crooks.

  • Notorious /noʊˈtɔːr.i.əs/ (adj): famous for something bad (khét tiếng)

Example: The company is notorious for paying its bills late.

  • Baron /ˈber.ən/ (n): an extremely powerful person in a particular area of business (ông trùm, người có quyền lực trong một lĩnh vực cụ thể)

Example: a drug baron - trùm ma túy

  • Audacious /ɑːˈdeɪ.ʃəs/ (adj): showing a willingness to take risks or offend people (táo bạo, trơ tráo)

Example: He described the plan as ambitious and audacious.

  • Reprehensible /ˌrep.rəˈhen.sə.bəl/ (adj): If someone's behaviour is reprehensible, it is extremely bad or unacceptable (đáng trách)

Example: His conduct was thoroughly reprehensible.

  • Guru  /ˈɡʊr.uː/ (n): a person skilled in something who gives advice (chuyên gia cố vấn)

Example: I’ve become the computer guru in our department.

  • Syndicate /ˈsɪn.də.kət/ (n): a group of people or companies who join together in order to share the cost of a particular business operation for which a large amount of money is needed (công đoàn)

Example: A syndicate of banks is/are financing the deal.

  • Hustle /ˈhʌs.əl/ (v): to try to persuade someone, especially to buy something, often illegally (thuyết phục)

Example: to hustle for business.

  • Pivot  /ˈpɪv.ət/ (v): to turn or twist (xoay chuyển)

Example: He pivoted on his heels and headed out.

  • Nimbleness /ˈnɪm.bəl.nəs/ (n): the quality of being quick and exact either in movement or thoughts (sự lanh lẹ, nhanh trí)

Example: What really sets her apart is the nimbleness of her mind.

  • Circumvent  /ˌsɝː.kəmˈvent/ (v): to avoid something, especially cleverly or illegally (lách luật)

Example: Ships were registered abroad to circumvent employment and safety regulations.

  • Cartel /kɑːrˈtel/ (n): a group of similar independent companies who join together to control prices and limit competition (tập đoàn)

Example: an drug cartel - tập đoàn ma túy

  • Slip out (phrasal verb): to leave a place without being noticed (rời khỏi nơi nào đó mà không bị phát hiện)

Example: We'll slip out (through) the back door.

  • Condemn /kənˈdem/ (v): to criticize something or someone strongly, usually for moral reasons (lên án, chỉ trích)

Example: The film was condemned for its sexism.

  • Bypass /ˈbaɪ.pæs/ (v): to avoid something by going around it (vượt qua)

Example: We took the road that bypasses the town.

  • Cash-strapped /ˈkæʃ.stræpt/ (adj): not having enough money(thiếu tiền) 

    Example: cash-strapped universities.

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