Conversation - At The Bank ( Part 2)

Conversation - At the bank
bank card
Minimum balance requirements

A: I'd like to open an account today / I need to open an account. 
B: What kind? / Do you know what kind you want to open ? 

A; I wanna open a checking account. / I want a checking account.
B: You need to keep a minnimum balance / Do you know what the minimum balance is? 

A: How much is it? / What is that?.
B: You need at least $100 in your account / You need to keep it at $ 100 .

A: Is that all? / That's it? .
B: Yes.That's the minimum / Th's the least amount you can have. 

A: What happens if I don't meet that requirement? / What'll happen if i don't maintain that?
B: You will get a fine. / We will fine you. 

A: How much? / How much will i be fined?
B: It's going to be $20./ You will be fined $20. 

Reporting wrong charges:

A: What can i do for you today? / How may i help you?
B: I'm having a problem. / I have an issue.

A: What problem are you having? / What's your issue?
B: There were charges on my debit card that i never made. / There have been charges made on my debit card that i didn't make.

A: Do you have a statement for your debit card? / Do you have a statement for your card?
B: I do. / Here it is.

A: Which charges are you talking about? / What are the charges you're referring to?
B: It's the last four charges. / The last four charges on the page.

A: I'm afraid we're going to have to investigate these charges. / we're going to have to do an investigation.
B: Is that going to take long? / How long will an investigation take?

A: I'm not sure, but in the meantime we will freeze these charges./ i honestly don't know, but we will freeze payment on these charges.
B: That sounds absolutely fantastic. /  That's wonderful. Thank you.