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Tổng hợp các câu hỏi về chủ đề Sport / Exercise


In the questions below, the word "sport" might be replaced by the word, "exercise" for some questions.

    Sport/Exercise and You

  • Are you interested in sport?

  • (Similar to above) Do you like sport?

  • What sports do you like? (Why?)

  • (Similar to above) Do you like any particular sports? (What sports?)

  • (Similar to above) What sports do you usually play?

  • How often do you play that sport (or do that)?

  • Do you like to do daily exercise? (Why?/Why not?)

  • What sports or exercise do you like to do? (Why?) 

  • (Similar to above) What sport or exercise do you do?

  • How often do you do some physical exercise?

  • (Similar to above) What kind(s) of physical exercise do you do to keep fit?

  • (Similar to above) Do you like any sports? (What sport?)

  • Do you do any exercise to keep fit or healthy?

  • (Possibly if you say "No" to the question above) Do you plan to do any exercise in the future?

  • How often do you do that?

  • How much time do you have for exercise?

  • Do you use any equipment for this exercise (or sport)?

  • Do you participate in any sports with your friends?

  • Are there any sports facilities (or, exercise facilities) near where you live? (for the public to use)

  • In the future, what sports would you like to play (or, take part in / or learn)? 

  • (Similar to above) Is there any sport that you have never played that you would like to try (or, to learn)?

  • (Possibly the above question is this) Is there any form of exercise that you would like to try in the future?

      Sport at School (or Children and Sport/Exercise)

  • Do children in China play much sport (or do much exercise)?

  • Is children's sport (or exercise) very important in China?

  • What sports do you think are suitable for children to play?

  • Did you (or, do you) take part in any (organized) sport at school? Past tense if you have finished school.)

  • (Similar to above) Do you (or did you) do any regular physical exercise at school?

  • Do you think it's important to have P.E. classes (or sports classes) at school? (Why?/Why not?)  

  • (Similar to above) Do you think primary school children should have sports classes at school? (Why?/Why not?)

  • (Similar to above) Do you think children should be encouraged to do more exercise?

  • (Similar to above) Do you think we should encourage children to play sport in school?

  • (Similar to above) Do you think it's necessary (or, important) for children to play sport?

  • (Similar to above) Will you let your children play sport? (Probably not using the word, "let".)

  • (Similar to above) Would you let your children play sport? (Probably not using the word, "let".)

  • (Similar to above) Would you encourage your children to play sport?

    Age Differences

  • (Possible question) Do old people and young people like to do (or, play) the same sports?

  • What sports do old people like to do (or, play)?

    Male/Female Differences

  • Do men and women feel the same about sport?

  • Are boys and girls good at the same sports? 

  • (Possibly the question above is) Do men and women play the same sports?

  • What are the differences when boys and girls play sports?

    Exercise and People in General

  • Do Chinese people like to do daily exercise?

  • What forms of exercise are most popular in China?

  • Where do people in China usually exercise?

  • Do you think everybody should do some exercise? (Why?)

  • (Similar to above) What are the advantages of doing regular exercise?  

  • (Similar to above) Do you think physical activity is important? (Why?/Why not?)

  • (Similar to above) Do you think physical activity is important for children? (Why?/Why not?)

  • (Similar to above) What are the benefits of exercise (or sport)?

  • (Similar to above) Do you think sport or exercise helps (= benefits) people? (How?)

  • Do you think exercise is beneficial for older people?

  • What kinds of exercise do you think are most suitable for children?

  • What sport (or exercise) can people do at home?

  • Do you think cycling is good exercise?

      Sport and People in General

  • Do most people in your country like sport?

  • (Similar to above) What sports do people in your country like to play?

  • (Similar to above) What sports are most popular in China? 

  • What sports are most popular with young people today?

  • What sports do children prefer?

  • Why do you think people like (to participate in) sport?

  • What benefits do you think sport can bring us?

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